• Golan Herbs Infusion 30g.

Nana is the most popular tea infusion in the Holly land. Salvia is called in Arabic Maramia after the blessed Miriam, Miriam and Jesus ran away from Beth Lehem at night from Hordus the king towards Egypt. The days were very hot, and when they wanted to rest, they found a bush to sit under named Salvia and its smell spread all over. Miriam laid Jesus in the shade, picked some leaves and wiped his forehead. The flavor that spread all over relieved both. Miriam blessed the bush and from then it is named the Holly Maramia.Nana Maria Life StyleWhile you are enjoying a cup of this delicious herbs infusion you should be conscious of the act of drinking itself so that you can enjoy the rich taste and the sweet flavor, feel the warmth of the cup and cherish the special moment. But, if you are troubled by past events or worried about future ones you might at some point turn your attention to the cup in your hands and realize that the cup is empty without even noticing that you have drunk it all, as you were not really conscious…

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Golan Herbs Infusion 30g.

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