• Louisina Galilee Herbs Infusion 40g.

20 individually-wrapped servings per package

Behind the spiritual message that is concealed in the product, the plants lemon verbena, lemon grass, and medical Melissa, it has an in ingredient that is called Cytral, and kills cancer cells. Additionally, this tea has a big gain taking care of gas. I suggest of drinking one cup of the infusion after a meal. In thirty minutes it heals the digestive system. Likewise, the tea has bit pallor. That plant is kind of a gentle mint.Ingredients: Lemon grass, Lemon verbena, Menthe, White leaved Savory, Melissa officinalis.Naturopathy and folklore have recognized therapeutic qualities in these herbs:A total relief for the digestive system.Calming and purification of the soul.Relief of the respiratory system and colds

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Louisina Galilee Herbs Infusion 40g.

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