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Men or Women's Tallit, ''Joseph's Robe'' Wool Blue, 36 inches Wide

Men or Women's Tallit, ''Joseph's Robe'' Wool Blue, 36 inches Wide

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Description: Men or Women's Tallit, "Joseph's Robe" Wool Blue, 36" Wide


The Tallit (also sometimes spelled Tallith) is a Prayer Shawl worn by Jewish men and after they reached their Bar Mitzvah (13th Jewish Birthday) for boy. The Tallit is used during the morning prayer, on all weekdays (including Sabbath and other holydays). It is not worn for afternoon and evening prayers.

The Tallit itself is a white rectangular piece of fabric, which is usually made of wool, but sometimes is made of cotton, poliester or silk. On each of the four corners of the Tallit are special knots called Tassels (Tzitzit) in fulfillment of the biblical commandment:

Numbers, 15:38-40

The purpuse of the Tallitis to hold the Tassels, so the Tallit itself has no religious meaning. The purpose of the Tzitzit (according to the Torah) is to remind us of God's commandments. Many Tallitot have blue or black stripes woven in along the shorter ends. They also commonly have an artistic motif (also called Atarah or crown) of some kind along the top long end (the part that goes against your neck). There is no particular religious significance to the Atarah, it simply shows which side of the Tallit should be up.

In the old days the Talit was a rectangular mantel that looked like a blanket and was worn by men. Initially, the Tallit was worn daily, as part of the clothing, but after the exile of the Jews from the land of Israel and their dispersion, they came to adopt the fashions of their gentile neighbors and the Tallit became a religious garment for prayer; hence its meaning of Prayer Shawl.

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