About Us


The Galilee Experience was founded in 1990 by Eric and Terri Morey, A couple that made Aliya (The Biblical term for Jews Coming back to the land) in 1983 with the vision for a tourist center that would accomplish three things:

  1. Be a blessing to our local community in the Tiberias area,
  2. Help Christians connect with Israel and the Jewish roots of their faith and spread the Word of God among Israelis
  3. Accomplish this in a profitable business setting.

It took several years to learn the language and adjust to the culture, to gain business experience here, to develop relationships in Israel, to raise the investment, to build the facility and to produce the show.

The facility includes the 200-seat theater, a book and souvenir store, an art gallery and a coffee shop with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We were ready to open the Galilee Experience Tourism Center in September 1990. At this point the City of Tiberias, because of tremendous pressure from ultra-orthodox activists that were against Christian's opening the business in Tiberias, refused to grant a business license, even though the Mayor had personally approved the project from the very beginning, in writing. The business Application eventually escalated to the Supreme Court which miraculously ordered the city to give us a permanent license (the license itself literally says “forever”!), for which we are enormously thankful to Elohim! We opened on July 11, 1991, the day of the court decision.

Up to 1999 our main source of income, by far, was tourism. Tourism diminished significantly during 2000 due to the “intifada” and by 2002 it had reduced by approximately 90%. In the meantime we had started other business activities to supplement the overall business, but which did not depend on tourism: retail, wholesale and premium sales of Israel and Jewish roots products and publications, primarily Jewish Calendars for Christians. And now the tourism, as you know, is finally beginning to recover.

Now, the New Galilee Experience has developed into one of the largest tourist centers in Israel and one of the largest Jewish roots product distributors to the Christian communities around the world.

With our world class multimedia presentation we will inspire, inform and entertain you with what God has done in this incredible Land. The same show has been around for a little more than 20 years now and remains highly informative. "Every time I watch this show, I learn something new again, and I've seen it a number of times", quote by Emma Redelinghuys, South Africa.

In addition to our show and shop overflowing with some of the most unique and exclusive products you can enjoy a great coffee in our Cafe with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Sea of Galilee.


Physical Address:
Marina Building
Tiberias Promenade

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